Some Things Are More Important Than The Score

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More Than The Score

At Spirit League, we don't keep score in any traditional way. Instead, our athletes are able to focus on building life skills. Instead of the score...

  • It's about athletes listening to their leaders (coaches) and working together as a group.
  • It’s about team behavior - athletes putting on their uniforms and showing up to the game even if they are not in the mood to play.
  • It’s about athletes understanding that they may not be the ones to make the basket every time as they learn to support and encourage their teammates.
  • It's about celebrating every athlete as they play at their own level and having fun.

Our goal is to raise $50,000 by December 31st to grow our sports programs for children and adults with developmental disabilities so we can continue to show how there is so much more than keeping score. We urgently need more resources to do this. Can you help? Make a tax-deductible gift to Spirit League today.